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*** Now featuring Jeannine, Benjamin and Rose  Pictures, Round 35 ***

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Latest Updates 2/25/2006

  • Benjamin is almost 4 years old!
  • Jeannine is 5 1/2 years old!
  • Rose is 2 years and two months old, and 22 pounds.
  • Rose started dance lessons and loves them.
  • Jeannine is attending  kindergarten at Veritas Academy
  • She also  is taking her third year of dance and is getting very good.
  • Rose is speaking in complete -- and very cute full sentences -  she has a little trouble with l's and r's --  sound like w's --  and y's and s's -- sound like d's.
  • Benjamin wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and is a big fan of  Star Wars, dinosaurs and pirates.
  • He loves doing mazes and dot-to-dots.
  • We took all the kids to see Cathy Rigsby in her final tour of "Peter Pan" --  they loved it.
  • Rose is completely potty trained, day and night  --  she loves sitting on the big potty.   Yeah!!  EC is great!
  • We took a ski trip in VA at Christmas and Jeannine had her first ski class.  She wants to do it again very soon.
  • Benjamin is getting closer to reading --  he can sound out most three letter words and recognizes about 30 harder sight words.



    Rose hopping at the Harvest Fest at the Pioneer Farm

    Picnicking with Grandma at Pedernales Falls

    Making gingerbread houses at Amie and Granddaddy's house

    Jeannine's first time on skis in VA !

    Father-Daughter Dance  -- guess who is missing a tooth??

    Butterfly astronauts ???

    Hiking with cousins Bonnie and Sam at Hamilton Pool

    Hanging out with the "Texas Schoolchildren" sculpture at the Capitol

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